Special Symposium in honor of Prof Laurence Freedman 70th Birthday Tribute


Special Symposium in honor of Prof Laurence Freedman

70th Birthday Tribute
12th Feb 2018
Auto-Immune Disease Auditorium, Sheba Medical Center

אודיטוריום במרכז למחלות אוטו-אימוניות

8:30-9:00 Morning Coffee Gathering

9:00-9:15 Greetings

Mordechai Shani

The Gertner Institute for Epidemiology & Health Policy Research

Siegal Sadetzki

The Gertner Institute for Epidemiology & Health Policy Research

Havi Murad

Israeli Biostatistics Forum (IBF)

9:15-9:55 The duality of classical and Berkson measurement error

Laurence Freedman

Biostatistics & Biomathematics Unit, Gertner Institute

Clinical Trials Session (Chair: Anat Sakov, Teva Pharmaceuticals)

09:55-10:35 Improving outcomes as rapidly as possible for patients: Multi-arm, multi stage platform,

umbrella and basket protocols

Mahesh Parmar

MRC University College London

10:35-11:15 Correlation among baseline variables yields non-uniformity of p-values

Rebecca Betensky

Department of Biostatistics, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

11:15-11:45 Coffee break

.Clinical Trials Session cont

11:45-12:20 Clinical trials testing disease management interventions in the treatment of people with

chronic diseases: Do you really want to get confused with facts?

Ofra Kalter-Leibovic

Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit, Gertner Institute

Measurement Error Session (Chair: Itai Dattner, Haifa University)

12:20-12:55 Applications of the urinary biomarker of sugars intake in studying dietary measurement

error and sugars-disease associations in epidemiologic studies

Natasha Tasevska

School of Nutrition & Health Promotion, College of Health Solutions, Arizona State University

12:55-13:30 New insights into the effects of time-varying error-prone exposure in the analysis of

longitudinal studies with mixed models

Victor Kipnis

Biometry, National Cancer Institute, NIH

13:30-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:05 Considerations for analysis of time-to-event outcomes measured with error:

Bias and correction with SIMEX

Pamela Shaw

Division of Biostatistics, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

15:05-15:40 Nonparametric adjustment for measurement error in time to event data: Application to

risk prediction models

Malka Gorfine

Department of Statistics and Operations Research, Tel Aviv University

15:40-16:10 Interactions between explanatory variables measured with error: Estimation and testing

using regression calibration versus multiple imputation

Havi Murad

Biostatistics & Biomathematics Unit, Gertner Institute, Israel

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