In memoriam of Peter Hall and Manny Parzen

The Israel Statistical Association joins the statistical community in mourning for the loss of Peter Hall and Manny Parzen.

Peter Hall (20 November 1951 – 9 January 2016) was an Australian researcher in probability theory and mathematical statistics. The American Statistical Association described him as one of the most influential and prolific theoretical statisticians in the history of the field.

Emanuel Parzen, world-respected Texas A&M University statistician and expert in signal detection theory and time series analysis, died Saturday (Feb. 6) in Boca Raton, Fla. He was 86. "Manny Parzen was a pioneer in statistics during its nascent stages of development in the 1960s. . . . On a personal level, Manny was extremely engaging and always anxious to discuss new approaches toward statistical inference. The Department of Statistics — and the statistical community in general — has lost one of its giants." Dr. Valen E. Johnson, Texas A&M statistician


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