About the ISDSA

The Israel Statistics and Data Science Association (ISDSA) is a non-profit organization, established in 1975 with the goal of promoting and enhancing the research and practice of Statistics, Probability, and Data Science in Israel. It enables professionals in these areas to connect, exchange ideas and expand knowledge, by initiating activities such as conferences, workshops on special topics and sponsorship of activities of interest to its members. The ISA members come from academia, industry as well as the public sector.

The ISDSA holds an annual conference in which original research as well as applied work is presented. Keynote speakers in recent years included the late Prof. Steve Feinberg (CMU), Prof. Trevor Hastie (Stanford University) and Prof. Terry Speed (WEHI Australia).

Two awards are given each year for thesis dissertations: the Joseph Putter award for an excellent dissertation in Statistics and the Eric Peritz award (given by his wife Prof. Bluma Peritz) for an excellent dissertation in Biostatistics.

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